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Map of Fujiwara Province

The manga story takes place in the Fujiwara Province (a fantasy place) which was once ruled by Fujiwara no Gorou, but now he is forced to serve under the warlord Takemaru Arashi.


The northern part of the territory is divided by the Namahage Mountains. Beyond the mountain range is a massive glacierial tundra at an altitude over 12000 ft. An area in the glacieral tundra melted and formed a massive fresh water lake which formed three major rivers: Tora River (which flows through Tora Forest into Lake O-Gon-Cho), Kappa River (flows into a series of small lakes) and Hebi River (the largest river which divides the Fujiwara Province from the Takemaru Province). Most of the landscape below the mountains consists of conifer pines, firs, hemlock, oaks and aspen.

There are two massive forests in the region called the Tora Forest (located in the Northeast) and Kirin Forest (located in the Southwest). The forests are divided by the Tora River. A smaller mountain range in Tora Forest borders Lake O-Gon-Cho. A massive cave lies within the largest of these mountains. A series of rolling hills borders the Kirin Forest. Further south, the forests change to mostly maples, cherry trees and birch trees. Willow trees are often located by lakes and marshes. Pines tend to grow near shallow soil, beaches or rocky terrain.