Someiyoshino Akuba (Akuba, Someiyoshino) is the protagonist of the manga series Ronin Yoshino.

Someiyoshino Akuba
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Yoshino, Ronin Yoshino


152.40cm (5ft)



Manga debut

Chapter 1 "Ronin Yoshino"

Character DesignEdit

Her usual outfit consists of a kosode (short kimono “robe”), hakama (trousers), tabi (socks) and zori (sandals). At her home or in Sugi village, she wears her kimono. When in battle, she puts on armor which appears custom and made of dyed green leather, brass and silk cords. Her katana is always worn on her left hip. Yoshino puts her hair in a pony tail when fighting, but wears it down when she isn’t.

The CharacterEdit

Yoshino is loyal to her friends but can be quite stubborn, haughty and temperamental towards authority figures. Being bluntly honest and full of pride often gets her into tight situations. She is a rebellious warrior who refuses to serve or obey anyone. Yoshino prefers to fight alone, not wanting to get her friends involved.